Welcome to Brainfood Garden
Where Children’s Books Are Planted and Kids Grow


Brainfood Garden was created with the express purpose of planting the seeds in children that, with nurturing from educators and parents, will ultimately grow into healthy choices and habits.

Brainfood Garden’s memorable stories do more than introduce children to a variety of fruits and vegetables—the rhythmic language and bright, powerful images engage and entertain, opening the door for further conversation and exploration. And no children’s book would be complete without a resonating lesson.



Broccoli Brad Goes Completely Mad – Upset because kids don’t like him, Broccoli Brad forms an army of unwanted vegetables. Together, they kidnap all the yummy fruits, leaving nothing but sweets for the kids to eat. However one lucky grape escapes and enlists the help of Chef Solus and the Explorers. Together they save the day by making broccoli fun to eat.

Fred the Fish and the Squash that Goes Squish – Fred the Fish convinces his fish-eating friends that squash just might be a nutritious alternative to their usual diet.

Nate’s Big Hair and the Grapefruit in There – Nate is literally weighed down by the grapefruit he hides in his monstrous mound of locks until a super-strong grapefruit eating ant teaches him the power of grapefruit.

The Pirate’s Parrot Stole the King’s Carrot – In the first of the “Pierre Everywhere and One Eye Blue” series, our hero chef and his magic-collared dog teach a pilfering pirate named Black Jack Rabbit to grow his carrots instead of taking them.