Lesson Plans

Fred the Fish Shapes PreK-K

During the story, Fred the Fish introduces his friends to squash, which “Has different shapes and shades and hues, various varieties that you can choose, and numerous nutrients your body can use.” Help your young students sort through different vegetables, shapes, and objects to enhance their “Fred the Fish” experience!


Fred the Fish Squishy Squashy Faces PreK-2nd

During the story, Fred the Fish encourages his friends to try new food, saying “You want a different dish that will suffice? Some squishy squash is certainly nice.” Help your young students try new, nutritious food, so they can be like Fred and his funny friends!


Pirate’s Parrot Planting Rabbit King’s Carrot PreK-2nd

During the story, One Eye Blue teaches a very important lesson to the Pirate and his Parrot: “You don’t have to steal what you can easily grow.” Help your students learn the importance of gardening our own food while teaching them more about plants!


Pirate’s Parrot Reader’s Theater PreK-2nd

During the book, the characters tell their story through thrilling dialogue and take us on an exciting adventure! Let your students relive this story by allowing them to play the parts of Pierre, One Eye Blue, and even the Rabbit King!


Nates Big Hair-Weight Game-PreK-2nd

During the story, Nate doesn’t want to try new food, so he hides grapefruit in his big head of hair! Help your students find out how heavy those grapefruit really felt!


Nates Big Hair Cognitive Dictionary 1st-2nd

During the story, Nate’s mom outsmarts him by buying grapefruit that are too heavy for his hair, and sometimes there are words in stories that we might not know. Outsmart those tricky words by helping your students with a cognitive dictionary!