About Brainfood Garden

Who Planted Brainfood Garden…and Why?

Brainfood Garden sprouted from Duke Christoffersen’s desire to channel his creative energy in a way that would best make a difference in children’s lives. Duke is a former television writer who believes that the best way to influence a child is through a combination of teaching and encouragement…and the best way to do both to entertain.

In Duke’s own words…”I learned how to read watching Sesame Street; I learned my parts of speech from Schoolhouse Rock (not to mention the preamble to The Constitution), and I learned countless other lessons from Dr. Seuss, Diggity Dog, Captain Kangaroo, Winnie the Pooh…and of course, Tigger, too. If we can create stories and characters that are relevant and make an impact on kids today, we’re doing our job.”

Brainfood Garden Books

Our goal is to ensure that every Brainfood Garden book accomplishes the following: to create a story that engages and educates, as well as to create positive characters that children relate to, admire, and emulate. When we create a book that has these elements, we feel that we are offering parents and educators a great tool that will go a long way toward helping children form lifelong healthy and positive habits. And of course, each book has to be a little whimsical…if not outright silly.

Brainfood Garden Books on iPhone and iTouch

All Brainfood Garden books are available for download ($1.99 each) for both iPhone and iTouch! All you have to do is click the iPhone image link on the product page or go to iTunes and type the title in the search field!

Brainfood Garden in the Community

Brainfood Garden loves being out and about in the community! We feel another way to make a positive impact on children is to encourage them to use their own creative talents to make an impact on the lives of others. We strongly encourage schools and parent groups (in the greater Los Angeles area) to invite our authors and illustrators to visit their students/children, read for them, and answer questions they might have about creating their own stories!

Brainfood Garden Resources

We are constantly planting new and different resources that will be helpful to parents and educators. If you are aware of a great resource that is not listed on our site, please share that with us, and we will plant it in Brainfood Garden!

Contact Brainfood Garden

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or requests, please contact Duke at (913) 708-4473 or e-mail him.